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Possible causes

The most common reason for neck pain comes from the soft tissues around the neck and in 95% of all cases, the cause is not of a serious pathology. Other causes include: 


  • Soft tissue injury

  • Muscle strains

  • Whiplash or other accident

  • Underlying degenerative changes flared up by an activity

  • Posture-related pain and stiffness

  • Abnormalities of the spine

  • Tumour (less than 1% of all cases)


If you have had pain for longer than the expected time for healing, it is likely that some other lifestyle issues are making you more sensitive and vulnerable. 


  • Stress

  • Anxiety

  • Low mood

  • Poor relationships

  • Low job satisfaction

  • Depression

  • Psychiatric issues

  • Involvement in litigation

There are many treatments for neck pain and it is common for each person to benefit differently from them. It is important that you find the treatment that works for you.





Mind-body treatments are being included more and more into mainstream medicine as there is more evidence that they too can help with pain. Try them out before you make up your mind.​



  • Yoga

  • Deep relaxation

  • Meditation

  • Mindfulness

  • Deep breathing techniques

  • Neck pain is not as common as low back pain nevertheless can be as unpleasant

  • Rarely is the reason for neck pain a serious disease

  • Most cases are neck strains which come on gradually or following an accident

  • Majority of people are much better within several weeks

  • Some people experience on-going pain 

Some facts:

Neck pain is very common in the whole population and especially in the western world as we spend more and more time hunched over at a desk looking at computer screens. Most often, neck pain comes on spontaneously over time, as a result of prolonged bad posture or following a whiplash injury. There are various treatments for neck pain and several things you can do to help yourself.



Symptoms of neck-related problems include:

  • Pain 

  • Numbness 

  • Tingling 

  • Burning sensations 

  • Stiffness 

  • Feelings of weakness or tightness

  • Sensations shotting to the arms


Patient information

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  • Heat can be helpful to relax muscles and provide pain relief

  • Work on your posture, tips here

  • Find a comfortable sleeping position, this may be on your side with a pillow between the legs

  • Massaging muscles around the neck can be very relaxing and provide some pain relief

Neck pain

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