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Anna Hlavsova
Administrative lead,
Physiotherapist &Researcher 

Anna is a qualified physiotherapist who decided to take a different route straight from the start of her career due to her numerous clinical and academic interests. Firstly, she completed a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science at University of Essex and then followed straight into a two-year Masters in Physiotherapy at King’s College London.Having experienced working in the NHS and other environments, Anna has chosen to focus her career on developing practical solutions to common back pain problems in the healthcare and for each individual. Anna has many interests within the world of physiotherapy and has always maintained her manual and sports injury management skills by working with various sports team during the weekends and evenings as well as playing. However the real interest from her student days has been back pain as it is an extremely intriguing field. Anna now also works in Basingstoke hospital and the Hampshire clinic improving the experience of patients going through the system, working towards and online outcome measures system, developing effective pathway and proving information resources to patients. In addition, Anna works with John on managing, developing and educating people within the healthcare environment. She is also involved in back pain research, organizing her own projects and regularly consulting patients and thinking of new ways in which they could be helped. Her real interests are the mind-body interaction, developing interactive learning tools for people with pain and taking a very human and personalized approach to all her work while keeping up to date with evidence.Anna is an active member of the Society of Back Pain Research and the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists. She also attends the Complex spine clinic at the National Hospital for Neurosurgery.


Mr. John O'Dowd
Consultant Spinal Surgeon
Mr. Richard Harker
Consultant Spinal Surgeon

Richard is a consultant spinal surgeon working in the NHS HHFT based in Basingstoke. He has been a consultant in orthopaedic and trauma surgery since 2005.


His specialist interests include Spinal Surgery and Lower Limb Arthroplasty, Spinal Surgery however his major interest lies in the lumbar spine; the majority of his surgery involves decompression, discectomy or fusion. He has an interest in the newer, less invasive techniques that are being developed in spinal surgery including semi rigid stabilisation.


He started a kyphoplasty service to help treat vertebral fractures from osteoporosis or due to metastases that fail to respond to conservative measures. This minimally invasive procedure allows us to treat patients who might otherwise be too frail to be treated and so far we have had excellent results.


He has an interest in the management of back pain, incorporating both interventional strategies and pain management techniques to help patients. Richard works closely with the pain team consultants in the hospital and we run combined clinics for those patients who we find the most challenging. Other roles include Supervisor for Foundation Year trainees in the orthopaedic department, training and lecturing on spinal surgery, arthroplasty and trauma courses and conferences. Other interests include shooting and scuba diving.

John has worked as a consultant spinal surgeon for over 25 years and he has been working in Basignstoke in HHFT for several years now.  


He is a consultant spinal surgeon who uniquely combines his rich clinical knowledge with excellent interpersonal and communication skills to effectively diagnose and treat people with spinal problems. He holds an established and respected position in the world of back pain and in combination with his ever-present keen interest he has become an expert in this field.


He brings his rich experience ​of back pain and uses this to help design an improved service for HHFT. ​John is in full time clinical practice in London as a consultant spinal surgeon and has been exclusively managing spinal conditions since 1994. His clinical history includes being a honorary consultant orthopaedic surgeon at the National Hospital for Neurology and Neurosurgery at Queen Square, as well as reconstructive spinal specialist surgeon, performing complex reconstructive procedures in adults, and scoliosis surgery in children. He has a real interest in all conditions affecting the spine and takes a unique biopsychosocial approach to treating each person.​John has always had a strong interest in non-surgical management and treatment options for back pain and he has been involved in numerous revolutionary projects.

Our goals for healthcare professionals: 


  • Improve access to advice, guidance and treatment for back problems and spinal conditions

  • Improve knowledge and understanding of back problems and spinal conditions

  • Offer comprehensive care plans and pathways for all patients with back problems and spinal conditions

  • Provide up-to-date guidance relating to the management and treatment of back pain and spinal conditions



Who are we and what we do at Hamsphire Backs? 

Our goals for patients:


  • Deliver care plans and treatments for the patient, rather than the treatment

  • Triage patient referral efficiently and effectively

  • Empower individuals through knowledge

  • Offer advice and tools to support self-management of back pain and spinal conditions where appropriate

  • Work collaboratively with our healthcare partners to deliver an integrated and holistic service

  • Offer educational opportunities

  • Offer combined physical and psychological programmes

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