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Online Pain Management Programme


We have teamed up with Pathway Through Pain to bring a free online pain management programme

to people with chronic back pain. 

About the online pain management programme
Pathway Through Pain

The spinal service (Hampshire Backs) is offering a FREE online pain management programme to patients.

Who is it for? 

  • People with chronic back pain (longer than 3 months)

  • People with a high risk of their pain being chronic

  • People with high psychosocial worries

Research has shown that chronic pain is very much linked to not just the physical factors but also to the psychological and social factors. 

Psychological factors such as fear-avoidance, anxiety, depression predict future back problems. This online programme offers specific solutions and practises which can help reduce anxiety and addresses some of the other non factors.

Pathway through Pain is an online course for self-managing persistent musculoskeletal pain.

The online course has been running since 2010 and achieves outstanding results; 71% of patients who take the course say they find it helpful with only 3% of patients finding it unhelpful. See outcomes on their website (link below)

The course guides patients through all the elements of the intensive Pain Management Programme (PMP) as recommended by NICE guidelines.


Together with the support of their pain service team, a atient can expect to enjoy a reduced impact of pain on daily life.

Do you have any questions about the programme? 

Please fill out the form below if you have any questions about the programme. 

Form for clinicians

Clinicians can refer patients into this programme simply by filling out this form and sending to

Contact us here

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