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Welcome to the Hampshire Backs website

Improving the effectiveness of care for people with back problems and spinal conditions

It is more important to know what kind of person has back pain than to know what kind of back pain a person has."



If you are experiencing back pain or any other spine-related condition, then click here for more information and useful advice about spinal conditions. 




You can contact us directly. Whether you have a question about your appointment or something else, contact us via email or phone here. 




Click here to find out the latest news about Hampshire Backs. 




We have created various resources for you so that you can become better informed and more empowered. Click here to go to our resources page.



We describe the various treatments options which are available to you. Find out more about treatments for back problems by click here. 




Download the Hampshire Backs questionnaires here.


Patients get sent to specific clinics which are part of Hampshire Backs. Click here for more information. 


Contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or need specific professional information. 


This service has been designed and is being run by Hampshire Hospitals FT in partnership with NHS North Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

This service has been designed to improve access to clinical advice and treatment for spinal conditions.   

To find out more about us and who we are, click here.


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